Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that can affect the timeline of your pool installation. Weather permitting, it typically takes 7 to 10 days or less. We will work closely with you to establish a deadline and we do everything in our power to complete projects on time. We will communicate with you regularly and discuss any weather conditions that hinder the project.
Cash, Check, Traveler’s Check, Cashier’s Check or Credit Card (no processing fees)
We only build new pools in the four corners area
We will begin work on your new swimming pool as soon as permits are secured from the county, which is typically within seven days. You can get the process started today by calling us for a free survey at your site. We will help you design your personalized swimming pool with all the features you desire and then we can request permits from the county as soon as possible.
Once you have accepted your estimate and put down 50%, we can put you on the calendar. We are usually 2-3 weeks out, so as soon as you put the 50% down the sooner you will have a beautiful new pool.

You can monitor your pool's pH level with a testing kit. There are many kinds of testing kits available; however, most homeowner versions are either reagent kits or test-strips. Reagent kits aren't too difficult to use. You take a sample of pool water, then add liquids or tablets to it. The water changes color, indicating its chemical balance. Test-strips work differently. When you submerge them in the pool for a few seconds, dyes they contain cause them to change color. Next, match up the strip to a color chart to determine the pool's pH level. Use this information to gauge what kind and how much of the chemicals your pool needs.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED At Aquanautics Pools our ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction. Aquanautics Pools believes in higher standards of professional service which guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.